Queen of the South season 4 episode 3 review: Javier’s mess; Teresa’s trouble

Queen of the SouthWhat Teresa found herself facing in Queen of the South season 4 episode 3 was yet another less-than-fortunate situation for her.

What did we learn? Well, for starters, that Judge Lafayette clearly is not messing around! At this point, we’re starting to think that he is, by far, going to be the Big Bad for the entire season. We don’t know how you can think otherwise. This is a man who has not only a lot of power in terms of the public eye, but also clearly has just about as much behind the strings. He’s capable of pulling strings, making deals, and taking out anyone who gets in his way.

He’s also, for better or worse, pretty smart. He recognizes and understands Teresa’s strength and potential. Why do you think that he worked so hard within this episode to get her under his thumb, basically taking out whatever sort of contacts she could have in order to ensure that he could have full control over the operation. She wants to do something about it … but how do you do that? How do you make sure someone is eradicated who people will notice when they’re gone?

As if that wasn’t enough of a problem for Teresa within this episode, there was also this to think about, as well — Kelly Anne was back in town, and not only that, but she was wanted there by some. Teresa doesn’t have any reason to trust her or want her around, but like the Judge, she’s equally smart and calculated. She almost certainly recognizes the fact that there is no real value in sending Kelly Anne somewhere that she is out of sight. There is no “out of mind” here. If Kelly Anne is interested in offering up an olive branch, it actually does make some sense for Teresa to take it — at least for now.

In the closing minutes…

Teresa tried to restore what little bit of normalcy in her life that she could by visiting her new beau — you know, someone who isn’t necessarily representative of her life or crime or anything else. Honestly, we’ve been convinced that something horrible was going to happen to this guy and it may still.

As for Javier, let’s just say that he created quite the mess that Teresa is going to have to clean up later. This is a man who’s felt a lot of disrespect as of late and clearly, he is not having that anymore. He’s also created another problem for himself and he knows it. He’s put Teresa in a horrible spot and all of a sudden, he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight’s Queen of the South episode brought us another story full of twists and emotion, but more than just any one event, we’d argue that what matters here the most were the reminders that for Teresa, she’s going to have a really hard time adapting to life in the Big Easy. No matter where she looks there’s another problem … and many of these problems just so happen to be controlled by the Judge.

If nothing else, give Queen of the South a lot of credit for moving this story along at a pretty speedy pace from start to finish tonight!

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