‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: About that ‘found footage’ episode…

“Supernatural” has been given a chance over the years by The CW to grow and build an audience, and any fan has to be rather grateful for that. Why? It’s now giving the executive producers an opportunity to show off more of their creative side than they would have otherwise probably been allowed.

So for one example of this that is certainly interesting, we turn to the photo to the left, which is our first shot of the episode entitled “Bitten” that will air a week from Wednesday. This episode is actually not really going to be about Sam and Dean Winchester, as they are just small players in a story being told by some college students that are investigating some crazy animal attacks in their town. The photo to the left is from the installment, and it shows the most-welcome and rather dapper side to the brothers.

In case you are looking for even more of a formal description here, executive producer Bob Singer had the following to say in a new interview with Zap2It:

“You’re living in this found footage, the boys bracketed on either side, in the opening and at the very end … But for 95 percent of the show, you’re living in this found footage. [The Winchesters] are in it unknowingly, so it’s crazy. It’s a really good episode, very compelling, and has great guest stars. It deals with college kids.”

While this means that we are really not going to see any of Dean in purgatory for the week, sometimes it is also nice to watch an episode that really works as a work on its own. These sort of installments can occasionally be the best of a series if done correctly, and hopefully this will be something that we see here since “found footage” typically has its lovers as well as those who hate it.

Are you interested in seeing how this hour plays out?

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