Elementary season 7 episode 5 review: Who is Odin Reichenbach, really?

ElementaryTonight on Elementary season 7 episode 5, we bore witness to a murder case that was all about operating in the shadows. Our killer at the heart of the procedural story tonight was all about someone who did their best in order to hide everything — including their motive. There were three separate deaths at the heart of the episode, and it’s one that began with a stabbing in the middle of a race in the early going.

As the episode progressed onward, the more it appealed as though wine was an important part of what was going on. There was a possible attempted murder at the end of the episode and, through that, Sherlock and the rest of the team had to figure out who was poisoning the wine to claim the next victim. Doing that was ultimately easier said than done.

So what was it Sherlock used in order to figure things out? Shoelaces. To be specific, the killer’s shoelaces. It was unintentionally a calling card of his, and something that was able to attach him to the crime. As for the motive, he had to find a way to get rid of his actual target (the woman at the start of the episode) without making it seem as though she was the one he wanted dead. That’s why there were the other murders — that way, she was just a piece of the puzzle rather than a whole one. This was a pretty terrible plan, but what did we expect? We’re talking about a criminal who was obsessed with a woman and would do whatever he can in order to express his anger.

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Who is Odin Reichenbach?

Tonight’s episode introduced a tech billionaire who was a visionary within the world of trying to stop criminals. He’s coming up with a way to keep bad things from happening before they start, and the job that he hired Joan and Sherlock to do in the early going tonight was mostly just a test. He wanted to see what they would be willing to do in order to make sure that his niece was apparently protected … even though she didn’t need it.

All of this test was really to see if Sherlock and Joan were people who Odin could trust with something important in him — his operation, one that Patrick was involved in! All of those theories were correct — Odin was involved in what happened to this man and Captain Gregson earlier this season. Yet, Odin claims that he never wanted Patrick to do what he did and that was just a part of the sequence of events that was far from expected.

Do Sherlock and Joan trust Odin? That’s what they have to figure out for the rest of the season. He claims that he is a very different sort of man than anyone Sherlock has ever worked with before, and that much does seem to be true — we’re talking here about someone who is smart, meticulous, and basically willing to do whatever he needs to really no matter the cost.

All in all, Odin’s going to make things interesting for the rest of this season.

CarterMatt Verdict

Meeting Odin Reichenbach was certainly an exciting element of Elementary season 7 episode 5, and it does lift up both the quality of the hour and also the season. Yet, we do still come out of it with major questions, including whether Sherlock and Joan should just be running the other way given what they feel about Patrick and the attack. Their curiosity surrounding Odin could very easily end up getting the best of them here.

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