In the Dark episode 13 (finale) spoilers: Is Dean dirty? Tyson’s killer

In the DarkNext week, In the Dark episode 13 is here and it’s going to be all sorts of exciting. How can it now be? We’re looking at the big season 1 finale and it’s coming amidst the aftershock of a pretty devastating twist — one where we’ve uncovered that Dean is not potentially who we thought.

For most of this season, we wanted to believe in this guy. We wanted to think that he wasn’t a dirty cop and may be fully on the side of the good guys. Now, however, we’re at a point where we are left to question just about everything. We’re at a point now where we need ALL sorts of answers about who Dean really is, justice for Tyson, and also if much of the season 1 story is going to be resolved in the finale. Remember that at the time this episode (entitled “It’s Always Been You”) was written, nobody had an idea for sure that In the Dark was coming back. There was a sea of larger ambiguity at that point and everything going on was strictly guess-work. Luckily, The CW gives its shows chances and we’re going to have another chance to see a story play out … but there was no guarantee of that or anything else.

If we had to predict a potential outcome for the season 1 finale, we’d say that it goes a little bit something like this: We’re going to have a chance to see most of the story of the current season get tied up and then, on the other side of that, see some sort of tease for what a season 2 could look like. At this point, we consider this to be the best way to end a season — it allows for some closure but also lets you know that it’s not the end of the story.

For season 2, we can at least bank on Murphy still being there and continuing to be the focal point of the story. As for everyone else, that’s a little bit unclear. That’s really a part of the nature of this show and it’s some of what ultimately makes it great. You do what to have as many different question marks that you possibly can, mostly for the sake of keeping viewers on their toes and leaving them question what’s around every corner.

It’s a shame that there aren’t more people out there checking out In the Dark, given that what they would more than likely find is a story that is twisted, immersive, and also very much entertaining. It’s just found itself in a tough timeslot and is also airing in the summer. This isn’t exactly a recipe for a whole lot of attention.

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