Reef Break episode 2 preview: Watch out for pirates!

Reef BreakWant to know what’s coming up on Reef Break episode 2? This episode is entitled “Lost and Found” and should give us a chance to learn a thing or two more about Cat Chambers. What do we know right now? She’s a one-time thief and someone who could prove very expected in solving problems in paradise. (As you’re going to see throughout the season, this is a paradise where a lot of tough stuff tends to happen.)

So what is going to make this particular story matter, and stand out when you get to the end of the season? (You do want these episodes to be memorable longer than just a week or two!) What we like about “Lost and Found” on the surface is that offers you a chance to see what this show’s version of pirates look like. (More than likely, you’re not going to be seeing people wandering around with eye patches or peg legs — they’ll be a little more dangerous than that.)

Below, CarterMatt offered the official Reef Break episode 2 synopsis with some more news as to what’s coming up:

When modern-day pirates hijack a yacht and steal a laptop containing information that could take down the governor, Cat Chambers jumps into action and finds much more than she expected.

What we’re going to be curious to figure out throughout this is if Cat is really prepared for whatever is going to end up coming her way here. What she’s going to find herself up against throughout the season are a myriad of different threats, ones that are all very much dangerous in their own way and often for a number of different reasons. We’re hoping to see situations that lend themselves to surprise, situations that ultimately make our hair stand up on end.

One other thing that will be useful to know at the time we make it to this episode airing is simply this — how big the ratings are. Is this a show that is going to be a tidal wave in the numbers? Probably not, but it does need to at least create some small ripples for itself if it wants to have a chance for a second season at some point down the road. We come into this season with a grand sense of trepidation, not so much because of the show but because of the history of summer scripted shows not working out. We’ve already expressed some comparisons between this show and Take Two, which didn’t end up getting a second season. We’re hoping that the fate is a little different this go-around.

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