Would Designated Survivor season 4 feature less cast turnover?

Designated SurvivorWe’ve been on record already in saying that Designated Survivor season 3 is the cream of the crop in terms of Tom Kirkman’s story. You got a more interesting and mature narrative, especially one in terms of playing to what’s happening in the real world. It was exciting, fast-paced, and it’s amazing at how quickly it managed to go by.

Yet, we know that there were some aspects of season 3 that people were not entirely happy with. What was one of the biggest ones? Think something along the lines of all the cast turnover. There were a lot of characters from the first two seasons who didn’t end up making their way back, and with the show moving over some of its focus to the campaign, there wasn’t too much time spent addressing these exits.

So now that we’ve experienced this new generation of the show, are we going to see some sort of stabilization moving into a potential season 4? Are we actually going to see a smaller percentage of new characters in comparison to what we did recently?

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There are a number of different things to think about here. First and foremost, there’s the simple fact that we don’t even know if there will even be a Designated Survivor season 4 at the moment. Netflix hasn’t announced their decision on the show’s future, and we’re not entirely sure we’re going to get one in the next month or so. It may take some time for them to analyze all of their viewership data and determine precisely what they want to do with the show coming up. We remain cautiously optimistic but recognizing full well that Netflix has a real tendency to cancel shows quickly these days.

So long as the renewal does come quickly (which is a big if, we realize), we do kind of expect a little bit less in the way of turnover. After all, one of the big reasons for the changes between seasons 2 and 3 was a long layoff between them and initial cast contracts expiring. This meant that some of the cast members from the first two seasons ended up deciding to go off and do other things in the midst of the renewal limbo. That wouldn’t happen this time around if a faster decision is made — they’d have more secure work.

There still could be some departures just from the vantage point of where the story goes. Take, for example, Lorraine. It’s hard to imagine her back after everything that happened in season 3; beyond that, she was a campaign manager! On the other side of that story concluding (and her arrest), there’s not really that much else for her to do. We’ve already stated that were a little bit worried about Emily Rhodes just because of what happened with Tom turning his back on his core values. We hope that she’ll be back, but nothing is guaranteed. The future of Kal Penn could be depended on his availability.

Moving into Designated Survivor season 4, if we get one, do you expect a little bit less in the way of cast turnover? Be sure to stay on the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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