The Terror season 2 trailer shows off horror, history

The TerrorAMC has just unveiled their first full trailer of The Terror season 2 (subtitled The Terror: Infamy) and just from looking at this alone, it’s easy to figure out that we’re in for quite the batch of episodes. This is going to be a dark, intense story about a horrendous chapter in United States history, and then also a mysterious threat that pops up and adds to the fear and the danger.

Let’s start, first and foremost, by pointing out the setting. The Terror season 2 is going to be set amidst World War II when Japanese internment camps popped up across the country. This is when many Americans were actually held prisoner, forced into camps and were forced to prove their loyalty to the country. There’s a reason that George Takei is so prominently featured in this season, and a lot of it has to do with his own experiences going through this at a much earlier point in life. We’re expecting through this one of the most powerful performances from the actor in quite some time.

The similarities between the first and second season seem to mostly revolve around an intersection of history and horror. Like season 1, The Terror season 2 is based in part on real events. Where things are different, of course, is with the presentation of the supernatural entity at the center of the story. This time around, it seems as though there may be a mysterious shapeshifter coursing through these camps and causing some degree of trouble and chaos. It’s going to create an almost permanent sense of unease, even more than one that would be there already. Where it comes from and what it means is one of the show’s great mysteries.

When The Terror season 1 first premiered on AMC, it quickly established a reputation for being one of the most intense shows on television. It had a fantastic cast, an immersive story, and it made you raise all sorts of questions about humanity. If The Terror season 2 can even present just a small fraction of these same things,  it’s going to be a show that a lot of us talking for a very long time. Let’s just hope that it meets some of the expectations that are out there. We do appreciate the show shining a light on some of the issues that it is, especially when you think about how topical the subject matter is to the world today.

The Terror season 2 is set to arrive on AMC a little bit later this summer, and we’re sure that there are going to be many opportunities to discuss this story coming up.

What do you want to see on The Terror season 2, and what do you think about this trailer? Be sure to share in the attached comments below. (Photo: AMC.)

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