Elementary season 7 episode 5 video: Prepare for ‘Into the Woods’

ElementaryElementary season 7 episode 5 is airing on CBS Thursday night, and we totally understand what most of the promotion is about. In some of the other previews that were posted for this episode already, there’s been a lot of time talking about Odin Reichenbach. It’s hard not to when he’s someone who has been billed as the next big bad. He’s also played by an accomplished actor in James Frain. Maybe we’re not going to get Moriarty this season, and maybe we’re not even going to hear about Moriarty this season. If that’s the case, we just have to expect Odin to try to fill the void a little bit.

So what else is going on within the story? The promo below gives you a reasonable idea of what to expect. “Into the Woods” is probably not named after the musical, but it does seem to star someone who went into the woods and died. How so? They were literally stabbed in the back (no metaphors for betrayal here!) in the midst of a forested area during a marathon. This is one of those great, classic mysteries where someone dies in the middle of an open place, and no one has any idea how it could’ve happened. Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem as though anyone saw anything! The only bit of evidence Sherlock and the rest of the team seem to have is an abandoned shack that makes it seem as though it may have been where something dastardly took place.

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Then, it just so turns out that there may be another victim of this crime. Shockingly, it is not a human — instead, it’s a pig. This is one of the weirdest moments in an Elementary promo that we’ve seen, mostly because we don’t exactly know what the motivation would be for taking out a pig —  other than bacon, of course, but it doesn’t seem like this pig died so someone else could have breakfast.

So where does Odin factor into all of this? It’s a reasonably good question, but one that the promo isn’t altogether keen to answer. All we know about this character, for now, is that he’s interested in bringing on board Sherlock and Watson for a job at this. He’s a tech billionaire who has pretty much unlimited money and power; maybe this is just him wanting to get the two on his side for something down the road. Given that we already know he’s a villain, we can’t exactly sit here and feel comfortable that whatever he’s hiring them for is good. Maybe he just has some big Machiavellian plan that he is trying to execute, one move after the next.

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