The InBetween episode 3 review: The angel or mercy

The InBetweenAfter a week off the air, tonight The InBetween returned with an episode that, by far, may be the creepiest that it’s brought to the table. This is a case that brought Cassie to a possible and while there, she was able to uncover a young boy but then, to go along with him, so many more other people that went beyond what she ever imagined.

This was, at least from the standpoint of numbers alone, the hardest case that she’s been forced to encounter. What was happening to all of these kids? This is where Damian and Tom came into play, as the three worked to figure out that someone may be serving as an “Angel of Mercy” and trying to kill terminal patients who had no other recourse. What Cassie also discovered tonight was that there was a young girl in Avery who also possessed some of her abilities. She at least could communicate with Ethan, the young boy who had a similar disease to her own.

Avery was the center of the night’s most emotional moment, as she asked Cassie to help her if she ever found herself trapped in the InBetween if she was die.

Oh, and did we mention that there was a nurse who ended up dying, as well? Grace fell from the roof of the hospital in the early going, and that’s why Damian and Tom were at the hospital in the first place. They were trying to figure out precisely who was responsible for it. This also just so happened to be the same hospital where Damian’s fiancee was in a coma — Cassie wasn’t able to get through to her in the early going, but there was still a little bit of hope that she would before the episode was over.

Who was the Angel of Mercy?

Think in terms of Shane Vogel, a doctor at the hospital who, after easing the suffering (in his mind) of his mother, developed a knack for doing it. That’s why he wanted to put more patients out of their mystery — he also killed Grace and did so because she was trying to stop him from continuing to carry out the act. When Tom and Damian confronted him, he then decided to inject himself with what he was going to use to kill Avery. It was the only way that he saw out of it and he went for it.

Where things got genuinely creepy is at the end of the episode, where Cassie had to pay Ellen a visit in the hospital visit in order to convince her to see her son. It seemed that in confronting Shane, that was enough to make some of the other characters disappear and get to the other side. It seems like Ellen’s present was the only thing keeping Ethan and some of the others there.

As for Damian’s fiancee, Cassie revisited her once more at the end of the episode in hopes of giving it one last try. She couldn’t find a way to get through to her, but she did spend some time bonding with Damian about her mother and what happened to her to cause her to be with Tom and Brian in the first place. On her way out of the hospital, it was Avery who was able to pass along the message that Ethan was okay on the other side.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of The InBetween provided another compelling mystery, but we’re starting to think that this show is going to be too procedural at times for some. Personally, though, we like the way that the series is addressing the afterlife and how it impacts different people in different ways. Take, for example, serial killer Ed, who Cassie refuses to help no matter how many times he turns up.

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