MasterChef season 10 episode 5 preview: The blindfold chicken test

MasterChefMoving into MasterChef season 10 episode 5, the first thing that you should really know relates to the show’s schedule. You’re going to see the next new episode on the air come tomorrow night! Fox is shifting things up as this season moves forward, and that includes having some Thursday programming this time around.

So when tomorrow night airs, you’re going to have an opportunity to see a number of home cooks tackle one of the most dangerous challenges yet. For a lot of people — ourselves included — trying to break down a chicken is a challenge. Trying to do so while also blindfolded? Well, that just adds another layer of frustration to the mix. There’s a chance you end up cutting your hand open! Sure, breaking down a chicken is something that a serious chef should be able to do blind, but that doesn’t mean that you actually have to make some of the home cooks blind in order to make it happen.

The twist that tonight’s episode introduced is that despite the Blue Team winning the pool party challenge, it didn’t necessarily guarantee that all of them would be safe. Instead, Team Captain Noah had to put someone from his team in danger — and this time around, that person was Subha, who he felt was the weakest link by a mile. Subha, to the surprise of no one, disagreed. It doesn’t matter since presumably, he is going to have to take part in this task and test himself against a number of folks from the losing team.

For the record, this entire twist is silly. Whatever happened to the idea of winning and losing as a team? We wanted to see everyone have that opportunity to take a deep breath after a job well done, and to have a win actually be a win. Why do something otherwise? It really comes down to this being a show that has been on the air for such an extremely long period of time. Because of that, there is this sort of added pressure for this show to be able to constantly reinvent itself and bring some new sort of twists and turns to the table. We just don’t think that this reinvents anything other than finding a way to frustrate a team that thought they were going to get a moment or two to relax.

We’ll see how this blind chicken-test goes come tomorrow night. We just don’t think it’s going to be easy to make something that both looks good and tastes good. Maybe they can pull off one of the two, but that’s really the best that anyone can hope for.

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