‘The Amazing Race 21’ review: Double U-Turn drama and another bad driver

There are some problems blooming already when it comes to this season of “The Amazing Race.” There’s no real team that is an instant superstar on the level of Mark & Bopper from last season, and there is also no drama magnet on the same sort of level as Brendon & Rachel. At the moment, there are two teams that do have the sort of legendary potential to be people that we remember years down the line:

Natalie & Nadiya – Even when they don’t do everything right, they’re at least entertaining. Really, the combine some physical strength with determination and a good sense of humor. We don’t want to see them get too competitive, at least when it comes to how they act in front of the camera.

James & Jaymes – Just for the monologue about “tasting Indonesia” alone, these guys deserve a spot here. Sure, they border on obnoxious at times, but they at least try. Our other favorite moment? Watching these two giant guys on a tiny cart getting wheeled around the streets of Indonesia.

The rest of this leg was really pretty predictable minus the very end. Neither the detour nor the roadblock was altogether surprising or refreshing, Abbie & Ryan yet again got first place, which helped to cement their status when it comes to being the favorites on the race. With that being said, they’re too intense and are not the sort of people who are particularly easy to root for. As for the end, this is where things got interesting. Despite being U-Turned and making the wrong decision as to who to U-Turn themselves, Gary & Will somehow still managed to find a way to extend their nine lives a little while longer. These two are starting to become the likable underdogs, mostly because we really don’t see them sticking around much longer. Meanwhile, a series of meltdowns started by yet another bad driver led to the exit of Caitlin & Brittany, who never really registered this season except for their fights at the end of this episode.

What did you think of this episode, and are you happy Gary & Will are still in the race?

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