‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 spoilers: Serena and Nate learn something new (video)

On Monday night’s new episode of “Gossip Girl,” we are going to be seeing quite a bit of drama all over again on a familiar subject: relationships. So what will the focus be on this time around? Let’s just say that both Serena and Nate are going to make a discovery about the person that they are with.

As you are going to see in the promo below, Chace Crawford and Blake Lively’s characters are going to have a conversation about how happy they are with their new partners, which is in some ways a nice sort of full-circle moment for them given just their own relationship history.

As it turns out, these two are actually not the only people here who do have some sort of a past. As the video shows, the two people who each one of these people are with also have some sort of history with each other. How close are they? That much is still a little bit of a mystery, but we have a feeling that it could end up being something that is addressed by the end of the episode. Don’t expect this to be any sort of filler content, either: with there only being eight episodes left for the show after this one before saying goodbye, there’s not really much time to waste here when it comes to tying together loose ends and trying to push the actual story of the show forward. Does this include a possible endgame for Serena and Nate? That we don’t know, but it will be interesting to watch.

What do you want to see happen on Monday night’s episode?

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