Better Call Saul season 5 spoilers: Giancarlo Esposito hints at conflict

Better Call Saul season 4As we prepare for Better Call Saul season 5 to arrive on AMC next year, there are MANY stories to think about. Take, for example, the future of Jimmy and Kim as a couple … or Jimmy’s complete transformation into the Saul Goodman we knew from Breaking Bad.

Then, there’s also the relationship between Mike Ehrmantraut and Gus Fring. In the timeline of the flagship show, these two are great allies who work together in order to ensure that they get virtually whatever they want in the drug trade … or at least they did before Walter White entered the picture. Entering season 5, things aren’t anywhere near as rosy as they eventually become. They’re in a tight spot because of some philosophical differences and planning. Gus’ operation is a delicate thing to run and his ways and Mike’s ways don’t always line up. Yet, we know where the two are going to go — there’s no mystery as to what happens down the line. It’s more drawing a line to get us there.

So how will the journey between these two characters progress? That is something that Giancarlo Esposito detailed in a discussion with The Wrap, one fittingly coming in the heart of awards season:

“They ended on a hard note … Certainly, things will be strained, and Mike hasn’t given his allegiance over to Gus completely.

“There’s going to be some moves that have to be made, some conversations between Mike and Gus that either repair, or don’t repair, the relationship. That comes down to some moral questions that may come up between both of them about how can Mike ever work for Gus … If you asked me, from my experience on ‘Breaking Bad’ and going into ‘Better Call Saul,’ I feel like they’re similar men. But Gus is smart, and he knows he needs someone smart, and who is not only smart, but not afraid to take action. I love the moments that you have seen thus far up to now, where we’re left at a place where ‘Oh, these guys are prickly with each other.’ Look to see how that gets ironed out in Season 5.”

To us, we do think that there is one key difference between Gus and Mike as characters, though it hasn’t quite been completely explored within the show — Mike at one point wasn’t the man that he’s become in Albuquerque. He’s also not doing what he does because of some thirst for power. We know less of Gus and how he started — maybe he was always this evil and this disturbed. It’s just a curtain that the producers have never quite opened up. We’d advocate for another spin-off featuring Esposito’s character — even if it was just a one-season limited-series gig.

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