Ink Master season 12 episode 3 preview: Is Cam Pohl the new villain?

Cam PohlEvery Ink Master season has that one artist who tries to set the world on fire. Sometimes, they try to be devious and manipulate the other players to get what they want. Sometimes, they’re just a total heel and they revel in being abrasive. Either way, there have always been villain archetypes just as long as there have been seasons of this show, and that is not a trend that we foresee changing anytime soon.

In season 12 we’ve already gotten a good sense of who one of the agents of chaos this season is — Cam Pohl. He’s someone who the show has already identified as somewhat of an outlier on the men’s team, and it seems based on the promo like he’s stirring up problems with some of the women. He’s someone who seems to be bothering them with how much he’s talking and then how much he’s boasting when he is talking. They want nothing more than for him to be quiet, and he doesn’t really seem to care at all.

Here’s why so many Ink Master heels tend to do well on this show — a lot of them have the ability to really back up some of their bragging. Maybe that is going to be the case for Cam and he’ll be around for a really long time. This isn’t Survivor so you can be as loud and as aggravating as you want and so long as you generate a good quality of work on the other side, you’re fine. It doesn’t matter how often you are targeted if you know how to pull off what you’re bringing to the table. That is something that we saw not that long ago with Josh Payne, who had sort of that “villain” label, but just dominated with so many strong tattoos that nobody could really touch him no matter what they tried.

For the women in the competition the top priority should just be to ignore Cam like they do with some of Pon’s stereotypical comments about women to the women and keep their eye on the prize — in this case doing everything within their power to ensure that they win the flash challenge. You know how the show likes to be super-hyperbolic sometimes with how important that is? Well, it’s actually pretty true in the early going of the show. It’s when there is such a clear divide between the stronger and the weaker artists. If you’re struggling to find your footing and the tattooed ground is quaking beneath your feet, you need something to establish some stability. Forcing bad skulls on the other team is the sure-fire way to have it.

The returning artists for next week have yet to be confirmed, but we anticipate further news coming out on them in the days ahead, so stay tuned as we will have it here for you.

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