Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 5 preview: You ‘Reap’ what you sow

Animal Kingdom season 3Next week on Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 5, the story will revolve mostly around one simple concept: Consequences. You can’t do what some of these people have done without being forced to deal with some sort of aftermath. For Pope, a part of that is going to be what happens when you live with Smurf and decide to let Angela in to the home. You know that she’s probably no good but more than that, you don’t care because your life has been slowly disintegrating downhill and you don’t think that you have any real motivation to stop it.

Meanwhile, if you’re Smurf, you just don’t care about anything in general. You’re dying and because of that she seems to be going completely off-kilter and doing things by whatever her impulses are telling her to do. In the past, you could at least argue that Smurf was regulated by some sort of code other than the book of “whatever floats your boat.” An erratic Smurf is a bad Smurf — or, to be specific, a Smurf that is probably going to get a lot of other characters killed.

Below, CarterMatt has the official Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 5 synopsis, just in case you wanna know what other consequences are coming:

Pope (Shawn Hatosy) learns disturbing details about where Smurf (Ellen Barkin) has been, and the revelation puts Angela’s (Emily Deschanel) spot in the house in jeopardy. Adrian’s (Spencer Treat Clark) return to Oceanside leads to a confrontation with Deran (Jake Weary), as J (Finn Cole) lays the groundwork for a new job.

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The Adrian – Deran storyline is the winner for “most likely plot to be set on fire over the next few weeks.” Given that the authorities already know about their relationship and they’re sniffing around Adrian so much to begin with, this is where they could stumble into Deran’s operations and learn more about what the Codys are really up to. It’s so much more than just a drug trade; they’re behind some of the worst crime to hit Oceanside in its entire existence as a community.

All of this brings us back to the title of this article, and the title of this episode — “Reap.” You do bad stuff, eventually people are going to do bad stuff back to you. There’s only so long these characters can keep doing what they are before life says “stop it” and slams the door in their face. While characters like J may be able to keep the metaphorical wheels from coming off for now, one of these days he’s going to be driving down the highway and be completely blindsided while his metaphorical car goes careening off a cliff. This show may not be a morality play, but it’s certainly one where actions do have consequences. We don’t think we’re really meant to see everyone survive or keep doing what they are.

Is there any true good guy in this story?

Just something to thing about. We think that Pope may actually have the largest heart, but he’s coated it in so much darkness and messed-up trauma that he can barely even feel it beating.

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