‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: Can prison really be so safe?

In just a matter of hours, the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” is going to be upon us; and with that in mind, there are all sorts of questions that you really have to ask when it comes to these survivors. Are they going to be able to handle the continued presence of the zombie horde, and is there anywhere that can be a safe haven? For this last piece of scoop of the show before the premiere, we are going to focus on this question, as well as start to wonder if Rick is starting to lose his mind.

Apparently, one of the primary motivations for Andrew Lincoln’s character in moving to this new residence is that it could potentially offer the group another opportunity to stay safe from the walkers that are going to be coming at them from just about every direction at the moment. However, executive producer Glen Mazzara is more or less quick to shoot down this idea as being completely true in a chat with TV Guide:

“It’s not that safe … It’s interesting to see that that prison is not as safe, or can’t be made as safe as Rick wants. And that’s something that will play out all season. That prison is always a problem for them. But they have no place else to go.”

As if the prison was not bad enough, we know that what happens to Andrea involving meeting the Governor is going to present a new sort of danger that the survivors have not faced already: a threat that is living, and is just as smart as they are (and at times, even better-equipped to handle the invasion).

What element of this season are you the most interested in seeing?

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