Designated Survivor season 4: Is there another reason for hope?

We’re just about a week and a half away from Designated Survivor season 3, but we feel as though most of the show’s audience has burned through the entirety of the ten episodes already.

With that very thing in mind, we know that questions are swirling everywhere regarding a fourth season and whether it happens. The ball is ultimately in Network’s court on it, so the earlier we recognize that, the better off we’re probably going to be.

For now, we do think that there is a cause for a reasonable amount of optimism. While it doesn’t feel like the newly-minted Netflix series is getting the same sort of social traffic that a show like Lucifer or 13 Reasons Why typically does, it does seem to be getting a rather solid amount of global viewership. There does seem to be a number of people interested in at least the idea of continuing the story along. We’ve seen the enthusiasm channeled through much of our articles and videos on the show since it started airing, just as we have also seen there be some interest from the cast itself.

But what about Netflix? They are the ones obviously in control and steering the metaphorical ship here and, at least for now, they are at least acknowledging that there’s interest out there in more. If you head over to their official Twitter, you’ll see that there are responses to people hoping for another season — they don’t give anything away, but they’re at least acknowledging some of the desire that is out there. (Of course, whoever is running the show’s Twitter account has zero say in the future of Designated Survivor, but we feel like responding to renewal hopes is a welcoming sign.)

Netflix will more than likely make the decision on the series’ future over the next few months — it is important to note that nobody in the press for this season has spoken about this being the end of the road for certain, so there may be hope for at least one more. We recognize that with Netflix, shows don’t have a tendency to stick around for all that long. Yet, here we like to think that there is at least one more season worth of story to tell. Given that season 3 ended with Tom Kirkman basically selling his soul for the sake of the Presidency, it would be nice for season 4 to show whatever the other side of this is. Is the guilt of him not admitting the truth about Moss going to eat him alive? It’s not a life-or-death cliffhanger, but it’s one that certainly has us begging for more.

What do you think the chances are right now for a Designated Survivor season 4? Be sure to let us know some of your thoughts in the comments.

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