The Bachelorette episode 6: Devin Harris, Kevin Fortenberry eliminated

HannahTonight, The Bachelorette episode 6 promised one of the most emotional episodes in Bachelor history, otherwise known as the same sort of stuff we get all of the time.

For Hannah Brown, the first thing that she had to figure out is how to deal with the Luke P. problem. At first, she was ready to send him home. Then, he suddenly drifted into full-on apology mode, ready to make some sort of big romantic comedy mode. This is what Luke seems to think about this show — it’s almost like a romance novel where he says and does everything that he thinks people want to hear all the time. Sometimes it works on Hannah, but at other points, it drives her up the wall.

By the time we got to the cocktail party, it ended up becoming a complete and utter bro-fight between some of the different guys. Luke violating what the other guys interpreted to be the rules sent all of them into a tizzy and it became Garrett (almost as Representative for the Other Guys) versus Luke. The winner? Nobody. The losers? Everybody. Hannah just got mad and angry and tearful and the guys wouldn’t listen for the longest time.

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By the time we got to the Rose Ceremony, it was hard to really know what Hannah was going to do because we hadn’t really seen evidence of anything — other than petty drama. Garrett did end up getting a rose tonight, but so did Luke P.

Who was eliminated? – In the end, Hannah ended up actually keeping both Luke and Garrett much to the surprise of some of the other people. We actually think the guys ganging up on him at this point is helping.

After this happened, it was revealed that Devin Harris, Kevin Fortenberry, and Grant Eckel were sent home. Odds are, you don’t really know all that much about any of them. The show has been dominated so much by such a small group of people that because of that, we still don’t know anything about a number of them. Luke P.’s had more screen time in a single conversation than some of the rest of the guys have in the entire show. We wanna think that this is going to change, but we’re trying to be realistic here — it’s probably not going to until we’re another episode closer to the very end of all of this.

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