America’s Got Talent video: See Melissa Arleth’s rat-themed act

AGTWe now have a contender for one of the most unique (and also strange) acts that we’ve ever seen on America’s Got TalentIt involves an acrobat named Melissa Arleth … and it also just so happens to involve a trained rat.

It’s not all that often that you see trained rats turn up anywhere on this show. How do you train a rat? We know that they actually are far more intelligent than anyone gives them credit for; they just have a reputation for being unwanted creatures that freak a lot of people out. Personally, we don’t have any real issue with rats provided that they’re welcome pets and not just eating garbage in our home. Granted, we wouldn’t let them do what Arleth is willing to in the sneak peek below from the upcoming episode airing on Tuesday night.

In this video, you see Melissa decide to showcase everything that her rat can do by allowing them to navigate through an obstacle course — and at one point, using her legs as a human bridge for the rat to scurry across. It’s a unique act, and we think she does deserve a lot of credit for that. It just may or may not be the sort of act that actually gets a stamp of approval and admittance into the next round of the competition. One of the trends that we’ve noticed within the Julianne Hough – Gabrielle Union era of the show is that they seem to be a little more reluctant to embrace some of the super-campy acts that we’ve seen on this show in the past. We may just be making this judgment based on a limited about of acts we’ve seen, but it’s still there.

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Do we think that Arleth is getting a Golden Buzzer from either Terry Crews or Julianne? (They’re the only two who haven’t used one yet.) We have a hard time believing that this is the case. For one, we don’t have the backstory that seems to merit such a thing. Beyond that, this act is just too weird. We do hope that she makes it forward though, mostly out of innate curiosity to learn more in terms of how a rat act like this manages to evolve from one performance to the next. What’s the next level of this look like? Do you bring in more rats? Do you have them doing flips in the air? Does it come across a little bit more like the movie Ratatouille and they are preparing food for the judges?

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What do you think about Melissa Arleth’s rat-themed America’s Got Talent performance? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: NBC, video via E! News.)

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