Outlander season 5 notes: The highs and lows of Sam Heughan

OutlanderIt was the best of times, and it was the worst of times for Sam Heughan on the Outlander set today. What’s the good news? That apparently, he and his co-star Caitriona Balfe had a chance to shoot in the daylight after spending a good stretch of time doing night shoots.

Here’s the bad news — he also got pooped on by a bird today. Caitriona Balfe first announced the most-unfortunate news in a post on Twitter, and Sam responded by sharing a video of the sight. In a weird way, the video (which does contain minor swearing, in case you’re at work) does actually give you a really up-close look at some of the detailed costuming for Jamie in season 5, even if at the same time it also does also give you a close-up look at bird poop. We suppose that there’s gotta be someone on standby to help clean things up! The funny thing is that this probably makes the costume all the more authentic … but the presence of bird poop probably does take away from the romantic mystique of the show to a certain degree.

Consider this a lesson — birds don’t discriminate! It doesn’t matter to them if you are a big-name actor or someone just walking down the street.

For those wondering Outlander is now pretty deep into production on the upcoming fifth season. while they are presumably still working on the first third of the 12-episode order, they’re making rather great progress and continue to move on like the well-oiled machine that they are.

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As for some other Sam news…

For those of you who are the card-collecting sort, the folks over at Cryptozoic are in the process of releasing a new CZX Outlander super premium set. You can read more about them, and see some of the specialty cards, over at the link here. There are a number of cards that have been released through the company and some of them (especially the Steven Cree ones) have included some rather fun messages.

We like that the company shared a couple of photos of Sam signing — it verifies authenticity sure, but it also gives you a chance to see some of the variations from one card to the next. There’s something fun about that! If you’re a collector, keep these in mind and we’re sure that the company will be releasing some other information in the near future.

For those wondering, we consider the signing one of the “highs” mentioned in the title — we don’t have to tell you what the “low” was.

If you missed it…

Check out a fun feature over at the link here! That is where you can see our Father’s Day piece, a discussion that is all about how Sam’s role as a father is going to evolve over the course of season 5.

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