City on a Hill episode 2 preview: What’s next for Kevin Bacon, cast

City on a HillOn Showtime next week, the opportunity to see City on a Hill episode 2 will be upon us. What does that mean? Primarily, a chance to see if the new Kevin Bacon drama can keep up some of what it’s already established — a fascinating, twisted narrative. The setting is Boston, an era in which corruption runs through many different streets. Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) is the new man in town, an ADA who actually has a desire to clean up these streets. Yet, Jackie Rohr (Bacon) doesn’t see things the same way. He’s used to doing things his way and saying whatever is on his mind — no matter how offensive it ends up being.

Moving into next week’s new episode, we’re hoping that we’ll get a chance to see how the relationship between these two men develops. Jackie, at first, doesn’t have much of a reason to want to bond with Decourcy — he’s not the sort of guy who he tends to gravitate towards as a human being. Yet, over time he may soon realize that there may be a partnership that forms out of necessity. They could rely on each other, and it’s certainly possible that Decourcy makes Jackie a better person — though we’re not banking on all that much in that vein.

Want a little more insight into just what is coming? Then be sure to check out our official City on a Hill episode 2 synopsis below:

After an eventful Sunday at church, Decourcy finds out he has a powerful new enemy in town — one that puts his wife Siobhan in an awkward position; Jackie is stirring up trouble in his own home, and his distrustful mother-in-law, Rosa, is onto him.

One of the reasons why we think this show will end up working is just because it’s finding a way to incorporate the families of these men to great degree. It’s not just about them being out on the streets being the prototypical tough guys in Boston (though there is a lot of that here); there is also something underneath. We don’t want to call it a tenderness, because there wasn’t always that in some of the family interactions we did see in the premiere. Instead, we’d just call it a level of care. Jackie and Decourcy are invested in those around them. They may not always express it in the most vulnerable of ways, but they are still expressing it nonetheless.

The biggest challenge left for this show

It’s one of identity. The premiere is certainly entertaining, but what is it going to do in order to differentiate itself from some of the other typical Boston-set period pieces that are out there? That’s something that it is going to need to figure out, since the creative team had to know that there is such a high bar in regards to this subject matter.

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