The Amazing Race 31 rankings: Are Tyler & Korey far ahead?

Amazing Race 31When you look at the final five teams left on The Amazing Race 31it may be fair to say that there aren’t many surprises here! Most of the teams left have past show experience, and the one that doesn’t is a duo that has a lot of skills that should carry over. We’ve only got three more legs to go this season, and for the sake of this article, we’re going to do our best to figure out who’s in the top spot!

So what are we bracing these rankings on? Think along the lines of performance so far, but also who we think has the best upside to stay focused, avoid mistakes, and do well at some of the physical and mental tasks that come about at the end of the season.

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5. Nicole & Victor – Just by virtue of them being the only team without repeat Amazing Race experience in the cast, we have to put them in last place. What else makes sense? The funny thing is that we could still see them winning depending on the challenges at the end. They do have some things going for them — Nicole’s highly intelligent and could succeed in mental tasks, whereas Victor is extremely physical.

4. Leo & Jamal – Were it not for the first two legs of the season, we probably would’ve ranked them last. They’ve been struggling as of late and it’s felt, at times, like their heads weren’t fully in the game. Yet, we’ve seen their potential and if they can avoid mistakes (such as getting themselves lost or general recklessness on various legs), they could put it all together and win during the finale.

3. Becca & Floyd – If the finale has any challenges involving dancing and/or rock climbing, these two are golden. They’re not the strongest team in terms of brute strength, but they’re such capable underdogs because they’re good at a lot of stuff that nobody else shines at. In the right situation, you have to imagine that they could steamroll teams in a final leg. You know that they would study hard and prepare for it!

2. Colin & Christie – They’ve just been incredibly steady throughout the entire season. They haven’t been in much danger at all, they’ve refrained from getting involved in any drama, and they’ve been together so long they know each other backwards and forwards. What they need to just do is keep their head down, race smart, and capitalize on others’ mistakes. They’re so consistent that there’s a clear path for them winning.

1. Tyler & Korey – How can you have them in any other position? They’ve won four straight legs, they’re really strong in a footrace, and they’ve got a lot of skills that they can use on this race. Yet, we still don’t think they’re necessarily dominant and guaranteed a win. For example, their last two first-place victories were fairly close and there are so many strong teams left.

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