Is Billions new tonight on Showtime? Current season 5 expectations

BillionsIs Billions new tonight on Showtime? Let’s make it very clear: We know that there’s going to be a lot of people excited for what’s coming up next based on what we just saw. How could there not be? Last week’s new episode reignited the feud between Axe and Chuck like nobody’s business, and beyond just that, brought Taylor back into the Axe Capital fold. We’re going to see Taylor and Wendy potentially do battle in a familiar setting and the structure of the show will have a totally new flavor of its own.

All of this is exciting. You know what’s not exciting? The fact that we’re going to be waiting a long time in order to see it. Last week was, in fact, the season 4 finale for the drama, so it could be spring of next year before Billions gets back in business once more. Filming should start up later this year, and hopefully, there will be some more assorted scoop on it as we get closer to production.

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So what should the top priority be in Billions season 5? We want to make it mostly about Jeopardy. No doubt we love seeing Chuck and Axe do battle, but at the same time, we’re entering the fifth year of this story! The two have been able to play a game of chess for a long time and yet, the ramifications haven’t broken either one of them completely. They felt the danger, but the consequences aren’t on the same level.

It just feels like, at this point, raising the stakes even higher maybe the best thing to do. The two feel at times like dueling cockroaches, and neither one seems to be capable of taking down the other. We don’t know if Billions is a show that’s destined to go eight or nine seasons, so this could be a time to strike while the iron is hot and deliver something totally shocking. Could one of them end up in prison for a long period of time, or at least without a job? Both of these have to be on the table.

Conversely, the fact that both of them are currently so strong despite what they’ve been through really demonstrates the strength of these characters. It makes more sense obviously for the writers to keep them in the game (as opposed to behind bars); in having them survive so many struggles so far, it’s showing just how hard it’s going to be the take either one of them down.

Meanwhile, it would also just be great to have some new energy in the show. We’ve seen a lot of the familiar Billions characters for a while, so it would be great to have a new power player completely enter the show out of left field. Maybe that person can give us a different personality, a different style of doing business, and for a different sort of threat for somebody like Bobby Axelrod than what we’ve seen before. We know how aggressive and, at times, how manipulative he can be. What is this other person is reasonably straightforward, but just so happens to be successful and so charismatic that people genuinely like them? It’s an interesting thing to think about in this world that seems to be so continuously obsessed with greed.

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