Could Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race team up again?

Big brother 20We’re getting close to the end of the new The Amazing Race season, an experimental one featuring contestants from all three CBS reality titans. The Amazing Race alum have for the most part dominated, and as of now there are no more Survivor teams even competing. Meanwhile, Nicole & Victor are the only Big Brother alumni team still in the running.

We’ve had our fair share of fun watching this season of the Race, but has there been anything to justify a season of Survivor or Big Brother featuring a similar concept? In this article, we’re going to do our best to discuss that very thing!

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The case for doing this – If you’re willing to do a season of either Survivor or Big Brother featuring casts of both shows and some Amazing Race alum, it’s hard to complain over the idea of it! You can bring back extremely popular players, get some good ratings, and also examine the differences between the three games.

If you are a big fan of the CBS reality-show community in general, these are the sort of things that are fully up your alley.

The case against doing this – There are a few different arguments you can make. For one, you have to worry about diluting a brand to a certain degree. The best thing about Big Brother back when it was a once-a-year thing is that you gave viewers a long period of time in order to miss it. If you’re seeing former houseguests on TV all the time, you are making the whole ordeal less special!

Also, doing an idea like this inherently means that you’re not bringing new talent into the pool of contestants for some of these shows, and we think that this is problematic. There’s also another interesting consideration to make here. If you’re Big Brother, do you really want to go and ship off players like Derrick, Dan, Vanessa, or recent players like Tyler or Kaycee off to another show? Is there a case for them to be saved for potential all-star seasons of their own shows? Also, there’s that thing where if you keep bringing winners back, it makes the act of winning a little less jaw-dropping.

One other fundamental question: How many people can you pluck off of teams from The Amazing Race for something like this?

Middle Ground – If you do something like this, don’t take away from something else. What we mean by this is don’t make a flagship season of Big Brother into a showdown between the three shows. If you replace Celebrity Big Brother with this, that’s acceptable. We’d prefer something similar with Survivor, though there’s a little more flexibility when you’ve got two different hours of TV.

Overall, would we watch something like this? Absolutely, but we’re not quite sure that it’s altogether needed. Isn’t there something more than okay with a season of each show featuring newbies?

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