Blue Bloods season 10: Will Jamie, Eddie’s work life change?

Blue Bloods season 10

There’s going to be a lot of Jamie – Eddie conversation leading into Blue Bloods season 10, and only some of it may end up being about the controversial decision to end the finale before the actual wedding. We’d love to see more of it, but we’re assuming that this is all now in the rear-view mirror.

Do you know what’s not in said mirror? The future of the two at the NYPD, and we’ve got a pretty good sense that this is going to be a major component of everything that is coming up throughout the new season.

Obviously, everything story-wise begins with their colleagues finally learning that the two have had a romantic relationship all of this time and nobody knew about it! We imagine that this is going to be a key point of frustration for a lot of the people working at the precinct. Maybe they’ll understand why Jamie and Eddie kept things under wraps, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be happy about it. As a matter of fact, we imagine that they’re going to be either hurt or a little bit frustrated. They may take things out on Eddie for being suddenly the “teacher’s pet,” and they may proclaim that they don’t trust Jamie as much anymore.

Can Jamie and Eddie still work at the same place? We think that they will, mostly because dividing them up effectively means making it so harder to show the two of them on the job — the writers of Blue Bloods want to show Eddie at work, and we certainly don’t think that they got the two of them together just to turn Eddie into a character who only shows up at family dinner. They just better be prepared for some fireworks there. Expect at least one storyline where Jamie is accused of giving Eddie the best cases, or one where Eddie has to deal with some sort of awful cop who proclaims that she’s nothing more than Jamie’s wife. This sort of stuff happens on the job.

There is also another balancing act that Jamie and Eddie are going to need to maintain on the upcoming season — the simple fact that Jamie is still the boss at work, even though they are equal away from it. That’s such a difficult, near-impossible balance to really nail. Everyone’s going to be watching every single word that Jamie says at work now, and that could cause so much more pressure in terms of how he gives Eddie orders and even how he disciplines her if something goes wrong.

We’re sure that the writers will plot out some fascinating Jamie – Eddie stuff on Blue Bloods season 10 away from the job, but for us, there’s no question that things on the job are more exciting than ever before.

What do you think is going to be coming up for Jamie and Eddie during Blue Bloods season 10? Be sure to share right now in the comments.

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