The 100 season 6 episode 7 video: Where is Eliza Taylor’s Clarke?

NevermindThe 100 season 6 episode 7 “Nevermind” is airing on The CW this Tuesday, and it seems to be stuffed to the brim with mystery.

Where exactly is Clarke? Amidst everything that we’ve seen with the Josephine story as of late, that is clearly one of the big questions in the ether with this show. The other one, meanwhile, is just if there is a way to bring her back. By all intents and purposes, it does seem like Eliza Taylor’s character is dead. There’s no other way in which to read the information that we got, but this is The 100. With that in mind, anything really could still happen. It’s opened the door enough already to all sorts of strange, exciting psychological stuff. There could be more interesting details around just about every turn.

What makes the latest sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode all the more interesting is who is showing up alongside Clarke. As you can see below via TV Guide, she’s getting a chance to interact with her father! He’s not exactly someone we’ve seen around on this show in years, so the moment you see him, you know that something is off. It’s startling, especially since he’s present in a place known more for Clarke and Madi — not a place he would ever be. Clarke is clearly confused by seeing him and tries to get some sort of information as to her whereabouts. All he’s able to do is ask her about the last thing she remembers; she responds by saying her death. She’s aware enough that something happened to her.

If Clarke is actually dead, what is it that we’re really seeing here? Maybe it is some sort of strange form of the afterlife, where the memories of her past and her more recent past are combining. Maybe it’s just a manifestation of a number of different memories buried within her subconscious. If she is somehow still alive, maybe this is just a sort of alternate universe or The 100’s form of purgatory. Because Josephine has been wandering around in Clarke’s body, we have a hard time thinking that she is gone for good. It seems as though there could be a way to extract her out, and much of this episode could revolve around that very thing. It’s a fascinating look into a single character, and this could be one of the coolest performances that we’ve had from Eliza Taylor ever since the series first began. It’s a reflective story, and while we’re curious to see just how this impacts the present, it’s going to be a pretty wild ride regardless. Watch for the nostalgia, and watch for the jaw-dropping moments.

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