Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 video: Alicia, Luciana, & a message

Fear the Walking DeadHeading into Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3, you’re going to get another reminder of faith in humanity — or, at the very least Alicia still being committed to trying to help. She’s had some reservations over Morgan’s plans, and understandably so. Just think about what happened in the premiere, where they basically were stripped of a home base! That’s more than a setback — that’s someone basically robbing the group of house and home.

Yet, the sneak peek below shows Alicia doing her best for Dylan and Annie while out on the road. While signaling to Morgan that she and Luciana (still obviously in recovery) are coming back, she then picks up Annie via walkie-talkie. If you recall Annie did her absolute best to refuse help earlier this season. We get why — this is not a world where trust is easy to come by. It’s rather sad to see kids in this sort of environment and with this particular mindset, where they think they’ve gotta be both the adults and the toughest people in the room.

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We’re not sure that Alicia, Luciana, or anyone else is going to be able to bust down some of the armor and have these kids know that it’s okay to be a little bit broken and vulnerable … but it’s still pretty darn cool to see them trying. Maybe they will get through to them, and maybe by the end of this episode we’ll see the kids start to become more immersed within the group at large. From there, they can take on the real extreme task of being some of the few TV kids who are actually liked by the audience. We think the real key to this is to just let kids be kids and don’t just make them there for the sake of driving some conflict with some of the adults. That’s what so many other shows mess around with. One of the reasons why Game of Thrones and Stranger Things did so well with their younger cast is that they recognized that kids are capable of intelligent thought as opposed to just whining and/or annoying the parents. Fear the Walking Dead, follow that lead — or at least look at some of Carl’s best episodes of The Walking Dead proper. The show wasn’t perfect, but we absolutely know that Chandler Riggs did his best.

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If you head over here, you can see the first few minutes of the episode now! That will give you a sense of at least some of the Wild West environment you’re going to see.

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