Good Trouble season 2 episode 1 video: Callie, Mariana’s latest struggles

Freeform LogoOn Tuesday night Good Trouble season 2 episode 1 is going to be coming to Freeform, and for Callie and Mariana, they’re still working to try to take some steps forward. The latest sneak peeks released by the network are further proof of that.

When it comes to Callie, what we’re seeing here is a difficult situation of her trying to handle the Jamal Thompson case the right way. The outcome of the trial is getting close to being decided, and Callie wants to put out all of the stops to ensure that the jury has all the right information. The problem? She could be risking her own career in the process — releasing certain information may appear to be the right thing, but is it really?

The sneak peek is all about her and Jamie having a conversation on this subject, and it feels like from the vantage point of Jamie, he’s trying to tell Callie to use discretion. He’s worried that she’s going to take a risk so big that it ends up sending the future down the drain. He is looking out for her, but that doesn’t mean that he’s seeing her point of view, or that she is understanding his. She may have been discussing things with him hoping to get actual support, and clearly, that’s not going to end up being the case. In some ways Jamie and Callie are just oil and water. Both of them may be in the same field, but their perspectives on viewing the law certainly couldn’t be more different in select situations.

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As for what’s happening with Mariana in the premiere episode, you were going to see her deal with potential blowback after the salaries of a lot of the men at Speckulate are officially revealed. There’s going to be paranoia and frustration galore, though there was plenty of that for Mariana in the first season as well. She spent a lot of time debating as to what her future there could be, but she seems committed to trying to find a way to turn things around and help to create a true sense of equality.

We admire Mariana for being such a trailblazer and for trying to actually make some good things happen for women in this company. The obvious problem she keeps running into is that a lot of the guys working at Speckulate just aren’t likable. They don’t seem to open to ideas, and they certainly don’t seem open to a woman infiltrating what they believed to be “their field.” The story is meant to cast the light on how women in STEM are being treated in real life and we think it is successful in that.

Over time, though, it would be nice to see Mariana have a few more allies in season 2, at least for some people to start to come around to some of her thinking. After all, isn’t equality just going to produce a better work environment for everyone? Every person is going to feel more empowered, and it’s not so much about one group of people feeling a sense of superiority over the other.

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