‘Downton Abbey’ season 3, episode 5 preview: What to expect

In just a matter of hours now, “Downton Abbey” will be back with yet another new episode; but before it comes, isn’t it nice to get your ducks in a row when it comes to what to expect?

First things first, let’s focus a little bit on some of the photos that are now circulating around the internet. You’ve probably already seen the images, but we now have a pair of new shots worth sharing. The first one to the left is of Tom Branson, and he does seems to be distressed about something. What are we guessing? He is either pondering the state of things in his native Ireland, or he is stressing over what has caused Sybil to be bed-ridden. There is of course speculation that she is about to welcome a child into the world, but we have no real confirmation on this just yet. (In case you want more Tom, be sure to check out a Twitter interview that will be happening after the show.)

As for this other shot, it’s hardly that interesting unless you just like seeing what the ladies downstairs at the Abbey are doing. There’s really nothing we can read into it without getting too specific. Instead, let’s just focus on some of the plot points that we do know we do know for sure are going to be coming up. For one, Edith’s new opportunity when it comes to her writing ability is going to cause some sort of a rift in the family; meanwhile, Matthew is going to begin looking into some important matters at the Abbey, and there is going to be some sort of victory for Anna after all she has went through with Bates. (This does not mean that he will be set free, but this could still be interesting.)

What do you want to see happen in this episode the most?

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