Ratings: The Amazing Race, Queen of the South, Queen Sugar

Amazing Race 30 return dateReady for another ratings feature? Well, within this feature we’re taking a look at a wide array of different shows on from both the broadcast and cable world — think The Amazing Race, Queen of the South, Queen Sugarand Siren.

Let’s kick things off here with a discussion of the longtime CBS reality hit. if you’ve been a longtime fan of The Amazing Race, there’s a good chance you know that it has a complicated history. It bounces back and forth between time slots like a hot potato, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to stop anytime soon. Yet, somehow the show just keeps going strong, mostly because it manages to figure out how to do just well enough to succeed. That seems to be the case this season as well. Wednesday’s new episode generated a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic, and while that’s not amazing, pun intended, it’s not bad for a show airing in the summer without too much of a substantial lineup all around it.

We know that there is a season 32 of The Amazing Race coming, but we certainly have questions about the future of the franchise beyond that. Maybe we’ll get some answers on the subject before too long.

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As for some other ratings…

Queen of the South – It’s fairly commonplace that shows drop in the ratings in the second week of the season, so we can’t be altogether surprised that this happened with the USA Network drama, either.

Thursday night new episode ended up generating a 0.3 rating, and while that may seem equal on the surface, it’s actually down still versus the premiere. The rounding off to a decimal place makes things a little bit deceptive. As of right now Queen of the South is down about 20% vs last summer, but we’re not altogether concerned about its long-term future. There’s no real reason to be when you think about how solid ahead this show has been over the years. Also, remember that it aired against the NBA Finals last night.

Queen Sugar – Here’s where things get a tiny bit more worrisome. Queen Sugar, for whatever reason, routinely drops in the ratings from one season to the next. Wednesday’s night’s premiere episode ended up generating a 0.2 rating, which was down by almost 50% versus the season 3 premiere. While the year do your numbers are a little bit more encouraging (it’s down less than 17%), we’re going to see more before we generate a real verdict here.

Siren – Finally, let’s turn to the show that may actually be the happiest with its ratings this week. The midseason return of the show, which was at least airing against the pre-game show for the NBA Finals, drew a 0.2 rating on par with most of the season 2 episodes earlier this year. Beyond just that, it also generated more than 550,000 viewers, which is the biggest audience since the first episode of the season. Siren has already been renewed for a season 3, but this is just a nice extra stamp of validation.

What did you watch on TV this week, and what do you think about these ratings? Be sure to say or in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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