‘Mockingbird Lane’: Check out the first promo for ‘Munsters’ reboot

On Friday, October 26, NBC is going to take a chance on a show that they really have not taken any chances on so far, and this is despite pouring millions into the project and spending years getting it into development: “Mockingbird Lane.” This reboot of “The Munsters” has been a product of executive producer Bryan Fuller (“Pushing Daisies”), but it has also not been a project that has given much of a commitment just yet.

So how hesitant is the network to really push forward with this project at the moment? Let’s just say that they are airing this special on a night that traditionally suffers when it comes to young viewers, and they have no plans at the moment to air any future episodes. There have been all sorts of concerns about the creative direction of the show, which is more dramatic and less screwball than the original sitcom, and there are surely also worries about whether or not it is worth the price tag.

Ultimately, billing this as just a one-time special is smart: if the ratings are bad or even mediocre, NBC can just pretend this never happened and move on. However, if the ratings are good, you can probably expect more of the show in the future (though probably not until the fall of next year).

We do still rather like the cast of this series across the board, as it includes such famous faces as Jerry O’Connell, Portia de Rossi, and the marvelous Eddie Izzard, and the promo below is rather funny (though it may contain all of the series’ best moments in one shot). This is a show to keep watch of thanks mostly to its complicated history, but for now, we’re not holding our breath that we will see any more of it other than this.

What do you think of the “Mockingbird Lane” project based on what you see here?

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