Wynonna Earp season 4 fight continuing, says showrunner

Wynonna Earp

The questions on the future of Wynonna Earp have been out there for months on end, and they continue to come. Yet, we do know one thing for certain now via showrunner Emily Andras: The fight continues.

Speaking to attendees today at the Earp Expo in New Orleans (basically, the perfect place to have a party), Andras made it clear that she has “never been more optimistic” about the future of the series. That doesn’t meant that a season 4 is guaranteed, and it may be informed in part by the incredible passion that is so clearly present at Earp Expo. There are still hopes that the series can come back and that’s what matters most.

The last we reported, there were still snags involving producing studio IDW Entertainment when it comes to financing the show. Syfy had already ordered a season 4 and (quietly) a season 5 of the series; they had expected those to be delivered and for production to begin on the former earlier this year to be able to give us our summer dose of fun. That didn’t happen, so we’re now in this weird period where we’re standing at the bus stop waiting for the Earp bus to come pick us up and we aren’t sure when it will arrive. Hopefully (to keep this weird metaphor going) we’re just waiting for it to change a flat tire and it doesn’t permanently get stuck on the side of the road before it reaches its destination.

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Our feeling on all of this is the same as it’s always been — while we understand that Wynonna Earp isn’t the highest-rated cable show out there, it has arguably the most devoted following out there. We still think that it’s going to happen just because it’s hard to imagine scenarios where a show this good becomes dust in the wind. We know that IDW claims that they are “committed” to finding a way to deliver more of the series and we’re trying to take them at their word. The great thing about some of these conventions happening in the interim is that they offer up a chance for like-minded fans to get together and enjoy each other’s company — while also talking about how much they love the show and want to see it back.

Obviously this is still a developing story — much like it’s always been. We just hope that there’s a firm decision soon on the future because eventually, we understand that the actors and all of the team need to find other jobs to continue their career. Also, the fans who’ve put so much into the #FightForWynonna movement. This show is fun, inclusive, and heartfelt. It’s delivers an experience that you really can’t get anywhere else on American or Canadian television.

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