Psych: The Movie 2 spoilers: More on the next Mary cameo!

Psych: The MovieAny news we get on Psych: The Movie 2 at this point is like finding treasure at the end of a long hunt — nobody is altogether keen on sharing much information right now, and the reason why is fairly simple: The secrecy is a big part of the fun! Also, we’re talking about just two hours of entertainment as opposed to a six or ten-episode season; if you are giving something major away about the movie in advance, you’re likely giving away a big chunk of the story.

One of the things that is currently out there is the fact that Jimmi Simpson will be back as Mary, one of the show’s strangest characters, despite him being killed off on the show a long time ago. Somehow, the writers have found a way to bring him back on occasion already, and this time around the return will come in musical form. Speaking to TV Guide at the ATX Television Festival — where he was promoting Perpetual Grace, LTD — the actor stated the following:

“It will be fantastical. And there will be singing. Come on. I mean, we’re not a—–es, James [Roday] and I. We know how to do this … It’s basically James’ goal to come up with a new way to use Mary Lightly with whatever Psych show they’re doing next — or movie. So I can’t imagine Mary leaving anytime soon.”

Mary is almost another Easter egg in what is an Easter chicken coop full of them. Think about some of the other Psych-related stuff that we get with this franchise all that time, whether it be Gus nicknames, pineapple sightings, or memorable quotes like variations on “suck it.” This show is a gloriously funny inside joke at this point and we’re so happy to be in on it.

Production of Psych: The Movie 2 has already concluded, and it hopefully will premiere later this year. This movie will revolve heavily around Carlton Lassiter after he finds himself attacked and hospitalized. Following this, it’s going to be up to Shawn and Gus to learn what is going on at the recovery center in which Lassie is housed. As you would imagine, things are going to be so much crazier than anyone would first assume, and they may be the only ones capable of solving the mystery.

Judging from Simpson’s comments, it seems as though there could be a Psych: The Movie 3 on the other side of all of this, but it’s really going to just come down to what the ratings are for the second movie and if the enthusiasm still remains out there. We have to believe that it will, but we also don’t want to get in a position where we count our chickens before they hatch.

What do you want to see on Psych: The Movie 2 when it premieres, and are there any other longtime Easter eggs from this franchise that you want to see as a part of it? Be sure to share below! (Photo: USA.)

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