Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 video: Dive into Humbug’s Gulch

Fear the Walking DeadHave you found yourself a little bit curious as to what Humbug’s Gulch really is on Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 3? Consider this your primer for what’s going to be a rare opportunity to see zombies collide with the Old West.

We gotta imagine that for this episode, someone off in the writers’ room had themselves a field day. This was a chance to effectively combine two things that in most contexts, really don’t have anything to do with one another. It’s a fun concept, but there is a central conceit to it that makes some of the story believable. You get a good sense of this in the sneak peek below as you can see June and John Dorie work their way to what is Humbug’s Gulch, a replica of a Wild West town that apparently could hold the key to their salvation. If nothing else, it could offer them a respite from some of what they’re dealing with — a sea of gunfire.

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You see in the early going of the sneak peek (via Entertainment Weekly) a number of the survivors working to slowly clear out the area of zombies, but for Dorie and June, their quest hits a snag when they get a warning — walkers on the road. That means there may be something or someone coming up that doesn’t want to be found. What do they do? Well, they end up crossing the threshold because they don’t have any other choice. When there is a severe amount of gunfire to their back, they do the only thing that they really can consider in the moment — they find a way to keep charging forward in the hopes that they can find some more ammo or at least a hiding spot.

Because of the Wild West setting of Humbug’s Gulch, nobody should be shocked as to where we’re going here — think in terms of some sort of awesome shootout that is going to involve walkers and probably other humans. It could also lead to the discovery of Dwight on this show. We know that he’s turning up in due time this season and it’s certainly possible that he is the one firing off at June and Dorie. There may be a reason for it beyond what we know — we just haven’t seen this guy in a long time! Because of that, we don’t actually know what he has been going through. His journey to find himself after Negan may have hit a few snags — or, maybe it’s just put him on a dark path where he is now virtually just as messed-up as the guy he once worked for. This is Fear the Walking Dead so it’s impossible to rule anything out.

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What do you think is going to be coming in this weird-but-kinda-awesome Fear the Walking Dead setting? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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