Absentia season 2 episode 8 review: What is Project Quill?

AbsentiaFor Emily Byrne in Absentia, it’s really been all about answers from the very beginning. She wondered first about her past and, in season 2, she’s wondering instead about Catalyst Diagnostics, a dangerous rash, and above all else, just what happened to Tommy.

Following the character’s shocking death at the end of last night’s new episode, Emily found herself trying to get answers. Did he kill himself? That was the implication, but she found herself wanting answers not only on that but also how and why. She spent much of this episode searching for some sort of answer and this brought her over to Project Quill — a university project. On the surface, there was no direct connection to either Rex Wolfe or Catalyst, but there was something off about them still. As Emily learned after going on a tour with Cal Isaac, there was something that was being designed by this company in order to help people who were suffering from trauma. The test subjects were rats, given that apparently rats suffer and deal with trauma in a way that was very different from humans.

The results of this experience were shocking and inhumane. The testing didn’t work quite like the researcher expected, and instead, Project Quill actually turns its subjects violent. It makes them angry and determined. The researcher that was working there proclaimed that he never tested on humans, but at one point, he had a collaborator. That’s person’s name was Lu-Fang Shen.

There you have it — that’s the connection to season 1. Emily was a human test subject of the same chemicals that were being tested on these rodents. She was made to turn aggressive at the drop of a hat and she couldn’t quite control it.

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Nick and Alice’s story gets emotional

This was a story chock full of devastation. Nick was desperate to get out of his own head, and we think that this was why he tried to dive into the role of superdad. For some reason, Nick’s version of superdad is pulling his son out of school and then wandering off into the woods. Yet, nothing necessarily allowed him to escape some of what was on his mind. Take, for example, the false narrative that is out there about Tyler Brandon Mills. Then, beyond that the suspicion that he had that Alice was cheating — something that she was actually doing with Jack. That relationship continued down its dangerous road, or at least it did until the two actually sat down and had a real, honest conversation.

For the first time all season, Alice and Nick connected — though note that it came after Nick got himself really drunk and tried to kiss Emily at her home.

CarterMatt Verdict

It’s true that we don’t quite have all of the answers on season 2 — including Wolfe’s higher-up connections, Catalyst’s larger role in the cases at hand, or how what we learned in this episode factors in. For Emily, though, she is getting closer to understanding her past and the uncontrollable rage that lives within her.

Meanwhile, for Nick and Alice, perhaps for the first time the two of them started to fully comprehend just how messed-up each other truly are. It’s really only through their flaws that they’re going to be able to move forward, and it’s high time they understood that … though there still shouldn’t be any guarantee that they actually stay together. They’ve been through so much already, and what’s going to be the state of their trust now? They’ve each betrayed the other, but maybe within their honesty becomes healing.

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