Absentia season 2 episode 7 review: When death hits home

Absentia season 2Absentia season 2 episode 7 may very well be the most significant episode of the whole series. It’s not often a show loses an important character, especially in the way in which it happened.

In the closing moments of the episode, it was revealed that the character we ended up losing was none other than Angel Bonanni’s Tommy, who seemingly killed himself within his car. (Note the operative word “seemingly.”) This came after just about everything within his life fell apart. First, his relationship with Emily fell apart over that terrible altercation. From there, Emily still had him working on a secret task in America in Catalyst Diagnostics. He ended up getting caught and, following that, he ended up getting suspended from his job. Soon after that, he died.

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This was a shock to the system and it’s sad — Tommy’s role in season 1 was very much that of the intrepid investigator but in season 2, he became a lover to Emily before everything went south. We think that his heart was in the right place going into the start of the season, but he just didn’t know when to walk away from the problem before things get worse. With Tommy gone, Emily’s going to be even more immersed in pain … and she already had plenty this season.

For the bulk of this episode, Stana Katic’s character found herself with Cal Isaac overseas in Moldova, where she looked to track down Rex Wolfe. He was the head of the snake, or at least he was the head of the snake that they knew about. Wolfe knew more and he was hired by someone else, but before Emily and Cal could get all of the necessary information, he died. What they did realize was that there is something more going on and there are problems still way back home. What happened to Emily’s mother (think in terms of the rash) was tied to what happened with Catalyst Diagnosis and there is so much work to be done. Focusing will be what makes things difficult.

We’re going to miss Angel Bonanni on the show — we do imagine that this exit was just a part of the natural arc and flow of the story.

What’s happening with Alice and Jack?

We’re certainly wondering that very thing, given that Alice has to recognize that this isn’t going to end well. We understand the show’s logic for the affair, given that Nick wasn’t around and Jack was filling an emotional void. Yet, for someone who went through the emotional turmoil that she did when Emily came back from the dead, it’s still surprising that she wants to dip her toes into some of these waters. It also seems like Jack is actually looking for something more here — think in terms of a full-fledged relationship. We’re not sure that he and Alice are wanting the same thing.

CarterMatt Verdict

Well, this may be the biggest episode of the season — if not longer than that. Losing Tommy is a major blow given the role he played in Emily’s life. We know that she cared for him and wanted to get past on some level some of what happened. Her life is in the midst of a tailspin, and it’s already clear that for Nick and Alice, they’re facing some of their own trouble. (This is without even talking about that TV interview that he did — something that he didn’t actually think was a part of the job requirements.)

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