Elementary season 7 episode 4 review: The video game mystery

Tonight, Elementary season 7 episode 4 did its part to revisit one of the most important stories of the season — though really, the most important mystery of the season. Who is responsible for almost killing Captain Gregson?

Let’s start things off here by revisiting some of what we saw in episode 2, where Patrick decided to go to prison in order to take the fall for the larger conspiracy — i.e., the chain of events that eventually led to what happened to Gregson. As it turns out, he communicated with his people on the other side via a video-game, and these were people who Joan tried to track down tonight. The problem? They were basically able to disappear from the server before they could be tracked down and it doesn’t seem as though there are any records of them ever being there. That’s a problem.

What else is a problem? Think here in terms of what’s going on with Patrick’s wife, who was the one who showed Joan the video game in the first place. She visited him in prison and while there, it was clear that she understood what was going on a little bit more than she made it clear to the detectives. Patrick gave her some information for who she should contact, and with that, it seems like Joan is in big trouble. Someone is going to want to keep tabs on her and Sherlock to make sure that they don’t get too close to whatever is really going on here.

As for what’s happening with Captain Gregson, the positive spin on things is that he’s on the road to recovery! This, of course, doesn’t mean that he will end up making it back on the job … but we’re more optimistic right now than not optimistic. He’s got treatment for his body and it seems as though he’s also got some treatment for his soul courtesy of none other than a heart-to-heart with Sherlock. These two are on better terms now and their friendship can start to be rebuilt. You could see at the start of the episode just how much everything is currently impacting Sherlock emotionally — he hasn’t really been able to sleep since coming to America, and he keeps imagining the Captain turning up dead.

CarterMatt Verdict

While tonight’s Elementary episode did not necessarily provide answers to the larger case at hand, it did give us an extremely well-paced and well-acted hour directed by Jonny Lee Miller. The most important thing is that we’re getting a better sense as to what is really going on here — there is a secret terrorist network out there that apparently has many permutations and is extremely hard to reach. Whoever is pulling the strings is someone Sherlock and Joan are going to want to find, but doing that is not going to prove to be easy. They seem to have smokescreens set up at just about every turn and with a warning now out there, we could see these characters having to duck and cover perhaps even more than ever before.

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