A Double Shot at Love episode 12 preview: Ronnie, JWoww’s lie detector

Double Shot at LoveNext week on A Double Shot at Love episode 12, it’s going to be clear that things are getting intense. We’re near the end of the season! Pauly D and Vinny are eventually going to have to make some decisions on precisely who it is that they want to be with. We want to be reasonably non-cynical and think that they’re actually serious (or at least kind of serious) about the basic idea of this show.

Before the two can try to settle down with any of their remaining suitors, though, there is one more test that needs to be passed — a lie detector test. JWoww and Ronnie showed up at the end of the episode, and apparently, JWoww just so happens to know a lie detector guy who can come in and make sure that these women are there for something more than their social-media accounts. They want to know that there are some real feelings there.

If you’re one of the women in the competition it’s understandable to be FREAKING out over the thought of this. Even if you do legitimately have some feelings, the obvious fear here is that something’s going to happen that makes it appear that you don’t. Having the perception of being there “for the wrong reasons” is a stink that follows you around possibly even beyond the show. Remember that Pauly and Vinny both have enormous social-media followings and their fans are protective.

Yet, we have a hard time thinking that either Pauly or Vinny are going to cut someone based solely on these results. They know a thing or two about doing things for fame already and we don’t think they would hold it against one of these women for being on the show for fame. What really matters more is whether or not there are some real feelings now.

What else is going on?

Well, there’s still the question about whether Nikki is too clingy and/or too intense with Pauly. We know that he’s a really fun-loving guy and, at his core, he’s a people pleaser. He likes to make people happy and, if we had to guess, this is probably why he chose to keep Nikki around for as long as he has. He wants to make her happy, but at a certain point he has to make himself happy. She’s really intent on expressing herself and her feelings are deep — perhaps too deep for a show like this. Is that flattering, or is it too much? That is something that Pauly is probably going to have to think about.

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