Designated Survivor season 4: Four reasons for Netflix to renew it

Designated SurvivorThe wait for Designated Survivor season 4 news is going to be a long one so we hope you are the patient type. If Netflix does renew the show, it’s likely not going to happen for another few weeks, at least. The same goes for if they cancel it. If Netflix makes that announcement too early, they probably know that they run the risk of hurting its short-term performance. One way or another, we’re going to be waiting!

So while we are waiting we want to share a few reasons why it would be a super smart move for the streaming provider to give President Kirkman another metaphorical term. We can’t speak to the show’s ratings since Netflix never releases them, but we do think that this is a creatively satisfying series on the rise, Netflix just picked it up, and it seems to be a series on the upswing after an uneven first couple of seasons. For more, check out what we’ve got via the list below.

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1. There’s a clear story worth telling – Think in terms of the ramifications of what Kirkman knew, and chose to hide regarding Moss. Even if the secret doesn’t come out, there’s a good bit of valuable story to glean in terms of how people are struggling with the secret. Maybe it devours Emily Rhodes alive and she ends up coming clean … or it ends up being a situation where Kirkman decides to have more of a conscious and admit the truth, no matter the consequence.

2. Why did Netflix pick it up for just one season? – For Netflix to go through the trouble that they did to revive this show from the dead, why then pack it in and not give viewers anymore after one season? It doesn’t necessarily need to have three or four more seasons, but Lucifer got at least one more to wrap it up with season 5 being its final season. Meanwhile, Longmire got three more seasons on Netflix before it ended.

3. The chance to take on more current events – Season 3 was really able to look at the complicated nature of elections in the current era, including the onslaught of fake news and some of the issues that candidates never had to really wade into before. With season 4, meanwhile, you could look at Congressional investigations, maintaining cabinet positions, corruption, and the court of public opinion. There’s a lot of outrage that you could focus on within the world of this show.

4. An opportunity for some more great performances – What we loved about season 3 is that it felt like every single person had their moment, whether it be Italia Ricci, Kiefer Sutherland, Kal Penn, Anthony Edwards, and many other prominent members of the cast. We think that the format of the show expanded in a way that allowed everyone to have these individual opportunities to shine. While we don’t think Netflix will renew the show on the basis of this alone, they should recognize the quality of season 3 and the opportunity to continue building a product that is building in the right direction.

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