Grey’s Anatomy season 16 spotlight: Amelia Shepherd’s future

Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 3Grey’s Anatomy season 16 is coming on the other side of the “Season of Love,” and that term applied to Amelia Shepherd in some really surprising ways. In the early going, it looked as though she was on the cusp of a season-long love triangle involving herself, Owen, and Teddy. What we got on the other side was a lot more complicated. It was hard to assume that a romance would come for Teddy and Tom Koracick, and it was also equally hard to assume that one would come for Amelia and Link. For at least the first few weeks of last season, it seemed as though Link was more likely to be a Meredith love interest! That changed about midway through when Meredith decided to be with Andrew; soon after that, Amelia’s life certainly began to change.

So entering season 16, where could things go for Amelia? That’s going to be the focus of this particular Grey’s Anatomy spotlight! We’re going to be bringing you a new discussion every week about some of your favorite characters, so be sure to keep coming back for more.

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In kicking things off here, the romantic subplot is going to be a big part of any Amelia narrative. It’s unavoidable at this point. It seems as though there is a chance that she and Link figure something out, even if this originally started out as some sort of rebound. Yet, she’s also made it clear that there are feelings she still has for Owen. Moving forward, we’d really just like to see some stability here. If she wants to be with Owen, then focus more on a fight for that — but it needs to be a fight Owen eventually reciprocates, and it seems right now that he’s more set on Teddy. If it really is her and Link moving forward, then let’s just spend a little bit of time exploring that and getting to know the two together! There can be conflict and uncertainty, but we can live within that relationship as opposed to trying to involve some other component or person to it. Rely on these two to tell the story like we saw in the Amelia-centric family episode earlier this year.

We also don’t want to get so caught up in the romance aspect of Amelia when there is so much more that she brings to the table. This is someone who is exceptional as a doctor and we also don’t want to forget the family connection to Meredith. Why not consider an arc of a few episodes for these two that is mostly just about their own relationship? Take the love interests out of it for a little while and just focus on where they are and how they care for each other. Maybe they’re working together in a professional capacity, or maybe they have a little bit of a getaway where something doesn’t end up going well. Any chance that you have to put Caterina Scorsone and Ellen Pompeo in the middle of a storyline together is going to be magic.

We’re also going to be that person who continues to advocate for some sort of return for a Private Practice character or two. While having Amelia is great on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s silly to forget about the long arc that she had on that show. Just because Derek is gone doesn’t mean that you just forget about any possible links between the two shows (Link pun intended) — Amelia is the biggest link of all! We personally thought the final season of Private Practice was stellar and it’s a shame that it’s not referenced further.

In the end, perhaps the biggest question worth wondering is this: Can Amelia get a new hobby? She’s gone through so much and we’d just love a chance to see her happy and enjoying something outside the hospital … even if it doesn’t last.

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