MasterChef season 10 episode 4 preview: The top 18 pool party

MasterChefWhen MasterChef season 10 episode 4 airs on Fox next week, the remaining 18 contestants are going to find themselves facing a much different sort of challenge. During last night’s episode, we saw the first proper top 20 competition this season courtesy of a mystery box and a standard in-the-kitchen challenge. We know that the first two episodes offered up their own sort of “audition” excitement, but this is the sort of stuff that makes up the bulk of a MasterChef season. Beyond Mystery Boxes and elimination challenges, you do occasionally get these people out in the field for a few different tasks — sometimes this is fun, provided of course you don’t have them all cooking the same exact boring thing. Some of this could be the case next week, as you’re going to see a pool party — hopefully, the choice of cuisine will be a little bit creative.

You want to talk irony? Well, a part of why this challenge could be funny is that this episode filmed earlier this year, probably so early on that it doesn’t seem like anyone would have wanted a pool party. It was a much colder winter/early spring here in Los Angeles then we normally get! Yet, producers always try to make the episodes feel they’re happening almost in real time. Maybe now there are plenty of people out there who would prefer to have a dip in the pool, but back when this show was filming? Probably not so much.

For a few more details as to watch coming up, check out the official Fox synopsis that Cartermatt has for you below:

The Top 18 contestants face their first team challenge in a “MasterChef” 10th anniversary-themed pool party. The home cooks will be dishing up party food for 100 VIP guests, including former “MasterChef” contestants and winners. Divided into two teams of nine, it will be a non-stop battle to stay out of eliminations with only one team gaining immunity.

So basically, this episode is a chance for a Masterchef history lesson and for you to see some notable alumni turn back up.

What do the eliminations of Kenny and Deanna show us following last night’s episode? It really just comes down to the fact that there are simple reasons sometimes as to why you can be eliminated. In the case of Deanna, it just has to do with understanding pairings and flavors. There’s a certain way to do things in this kitchen, and if you don’t do it after 10 seasons, you’re going to be called out for it. Kenny may be the most relatable contestant in MasterChef history, mostly because his biggest failing was in the presentation. There are a lot of us out there who can cook a delicious meal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we know how to put it on a plate in a way that is aesthetically pleasing (you should taste our blackberry pie sometime – it tastes great, but it’s not that pretty to look at). Sometimes, cooks aren’t necessarily visual artists and that is more than okay — at least at home, anyway.

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