Better Call Saul season 5: Bob Odenkirk charts expectations

Better Call Saul season 4Better Call Saul season 5 is obviously a critical chapter in the life of Jimmy McGill. For starters, he may not even be using that name now! Jimmy may be gone and, in his place, is Saul Goodman. This is a dangerous guy now who plays fast and loose with the rules, and the writers now have to get him to the point where he’s meeting up with Walter White and Jessie. If there are only two more seasons left of this show, which we assume is the likeliest scenario, they’re going to have to move quickly. That’s especially the case if the writers do want to move forward and get rather quickly to what’s happening in Breaking Bad … which we very much assume that they would like to do.

Speaking via Deadline, Bob Odenkirk made it very clear just how quickly things are going to move along in production:

“I can’t wait to have Jimmy as Saul interacting with Lalo and Nacho. This is not a spoiler, because I don’t know what happens in the upcoming season. I only know the first episode, which I’ve read … my gut is that this is going to become a very quick snowball of these characters and stories coming together.”

Odds are, this interview was actually recorded a while ago, given that production on season 5’s been going on for a good while now. We’re presuming that they will start things off with some sort of flash-forward with Jimmy a Gene before getting back into the root of things with Mike, Gus, and some other important characters. There’s also the element of Kim and the inherent tragedy that comes along with her storyline, given that she is one of the most important people in Jimmy’s life now and eventually, she disappears — or at least that’s the case if we’re to take Breaking Bad as what it appeared to be. We almost hope that she moves away since the idea of her sticking around Jimmy in a more dastardly portion of her life is rather depressing. Clearly, this is a character who is worth more than that — she’s seemingly moving in a good direction and that should be a positive sign.

While we’re sure that Jimmy’s descent further into Saul is going to leave us sad, the fact that we came to care about this character so much knowing full well what he did speaks heavily towards our feelings towards Odenkirk’s performance. He made us care for someone who we know becomes a louse, and we trusted him with our viewing heart knowing that he certainly didn’t deserve it.

What do you think is going to be seeing when it comes to Better Call Saul season 5? Be sure to sound off right now in the comments — remember that season 5 is going to premiere at some point in 2020. (Photo: AMC.)

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