‘Dexter’ season 7 spoilers: Notes about Louis, the upcoming finale

There is quite a bit happening at the moment in the world of “Dexter” leading up to Sunday night’s all-new episode, so with that in mind we felt it more than appropriate to focus a little bit on some of the highlights.

Something huge is coming up for Louis – If you have enjoyed seeing a different sort of adversary for Dexter in Masuka’s intern Louis, you are not alone; despite being at times a little meek when it comes to what he is actually capable of, Josh Cooke has created one of the most interesting new characters in the past several seasons in a man who is not necessarily evil, but has become so focused on getting everything he wants over the course of the past several episodes that it puts him down a dark path.

So what does Cooke have to say about Sunday night’s new episode? Based on what he says to “The Insider,” we have a feeling that it will very much be a game-changer:

“It’s a big episode for Louis. There’s a major turning point for the character. It also led me to this interesting discovery that Louis is so self-centered, it doesn’t actually register that he’s in danger. And if it does register, that doesn’t necessarily translate into him wanting to escape that situation. It makes him want to appear stronger and more dangerous. That’s why he showed up at Dexter’s apartment later, puffing his chest out, trying to act big. That kind of arrogance is not a healthy thing to have around Dexter. Now, having escaped death from him, I’m a target in other ways.”

The end could run longer – There is a rather interesting rumor also popping up at the moment courtesy of show site Dexter Daily, who claims that production on the show’s eighth and likely final season will start up in February, which is a bit earlier than usual. In addition to that, the final season will also be 16 episodes long. It’s possible that they could air this in halves as “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad” often choose to do, or they could just give us an extended season in all its glory. Either way, we should find more out here soon.

What do you think about some of this news?

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