Is The InBetween new tonight on NBC? Episode 3 promo

InBetweenUntil a few days ago, NBC was plotting to air the next new episode of The InBetween tonight — and it certainly made sense for them to do. It doesn’t really benefit them at all as a network to have to space out new episodes for a show so early in its run, but in this particular instance, they really don’t have a choice.

So what’s going on here? Well, The InBetween is off the air tonight due to the Stanley Cup Finals going to game 7. Maybe this will be a good thing for NBC’s present-day ratings because a game 7 of a championship series is going to deliver big numbers — even if we’re not sure if there is much enthusiasm for the majority of people west of the Central Time Zone. (Sure, the ratings are going to be huge in both St. Louis and also Boston.) The InBetween is now going to have to wait until next week to air episode 3, which is tricky since it’s interrupting momentum. Viewers may bail on the show early because they think it’s pulled, or because they don’t have the necessary time to get fully into it. Either way, this represents a rather big risk.

To go along with all of this, there is another element here that is open for some debate — what NBC is going to do now come July 3. They’re facing a situation where episode 3 airs next week and then episode 4 airs on June 26. Do you then also air an episode the day before Independence Day, a time when a lot of viewers are off celebrating in advance? That’s a risk, given that you want viewers to be committed to your show and it going off the air in two out of its first six weeks is rough.

So what is coming up when The InBetween returns?

Well, we’re going to see another fascinating case that puts Cassie at the center of a larger mystery — though this one involves kids and, in turn, a creepy hospital. Anytime that this happens, you gotta worried because this is a world where some pretty messed-up stuff that takes place.

On more of a personal level, you’re going to see Cassie do what she can in order to connect to Damian’s fiancee, who we already know is in a coma. That’s an emotional opportunity to connect some of these main characters, given that Cassie can speak for Damian to her in a way that he wasn’t able to … or at least that’s how it seems on the surface. Given that this is a show that’s fairly new, though, we don’t know all of the rules! It’s very well possible that none of this works precisely as it should and that could end up being a part of the story.

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