ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: The truth about Victoria and the plane (video)

Two episodes in to “Revenge” season 2, and Sunday night we are going to finally learn an answer to a question so many of us have been asking ourselves for weeks on end: just how in the world did Victoria end up surviving the plane crash? Well, thanks to some new sneak peeks that were just released by ABC for the episode, we now have an answer.

As it turns out, Victoria was on the plane … but only for a matter of a few minutes. Instead of staying on board the aircraft permanently, a phone call from the White-Haired Man just before take-off informed her that the entire craft was going to go kaboom minutes after it was in the air. Why did he tell her this? Let’s just say that he wanted her help in order to insure that Conrad could be taken down once and for all, and now, the man is never really going to know what happens based on what we saw during this past episode.

This flashback actually comes courtesy of a conversation between Victoria and Daniel where Emily is mentioned, and we are going to see our heroine for the first time (at least in the present) with Barry Sloane’s character in another sneak peek. She is mostly just trying to figure out what Takeda is up to, but it does appear that there are some major trust issues here. After all, why else would you decide to get a little bit violent with a large metal object?

What do you think of the reasoning behind Victoria not staying on the flight, and are you surprised that no one else said anything about it before the crash?

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