Is The Bold Type renewed for season 4? Premiere date hopes at Freeform

Bold TypeComing out of tonight’s season 3 finale for The Bold Typeit’s only natural to have questions about a season 4. Unless someone comes out and tells you it’s the final season in advance, wouldn’t you do this with virtually all of your favorite shows?

In the case of this show, we have some appreciation for Freeform not leaving us in the lurch. It was announced earlier this year that The Bold Type will be coming back for a season 4 — an announcement that was instant-sigh-of-relief for fans everywhere. After all, it was no sure thing that it would be coming back! We’re talking about a drama that generated, on average, a 0.1 rating and just over 230,000 live viewers throughout season 3 — a drop of more than 20% in both measures from the season that came before.

What probably aids this show is that same thing that likely aids most on Freeform — the network is, quite frankly, used to big season-to-season declines. They have a younger viewership and with that does come fluctuation. Most notably, they have to deal with the idea that their viewers are going to phase out a little bit faster than some other viewerships. This is why they prioritize DVR viewership, streaming, and some other measurements as much as the live viewing ratings. Counting on a young audience, typically between the ages of 28 and 34, to actually check out something live is always going to be a failing philosophy especially in an era where you can watch your favorite shows in all sorts of different ways.  Luckily, Freeform’s figured something out and The Bold Type can continue.

So as for when it will continue, think 2020 — nothing’s 100% official yet, but even with a fast production turnaround it’s kinda unfair to expect new episodes to be written, filmed, and be ready to air over the next six or so months. Freeform does prioritize short wait times between seasons, so we’d start to rethink the network’s whole existence if season 4 is not out within the first half of 2020. One of the reasons why many of their shows come back after only seven or eight months off the air is because the network knows about its young audience. They know that the longer the break, the more likely the viewers will bounce. It’s almost the opposite of HBO, which can actually afford to let Game of Thrones go off the air for almost two years so that the writers can make sure that they tell the story they want to — even if people don’t like it. (There will be a time when Game of Thrones season 8 jokes are passe, but we don’t think we’re there just yet.)

Expect more news on The Bold Type season 4 a little bit later this year. For now, relish in the news of its return.

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