What Outlander stars Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan love about Jamie, Claire

OutlanderThe Outlander – Emmy promotional push is currently in full swing! This is something that you’ll likely see/hear a good bit about over the next few weeks, as Starz does its part to ensure that some nominations come their way. Unfortunately, they haven’t been too successful to date — Outlander is routinely one of the most-snubbed shows out there, and we’ll be pretty bummed if both Power and The Spanish Princess land in the same spot. All three shows are worthy, but the tricky thing about the Emmys is clear: It’s about a voters personal taste and getting a select group of people to be like “oh, I really like this show!” and then casting an actual vote. It’s not easy, but Starz keeps trying.

What the network’s done this week is planted a new piece on Variety, where many of their different actors discuss the craft and what they enjoy about their characters. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are fittingly among them, and both have some fascinating things to say about their characters. With that in mind, why not spotlight the two of them for a moment?

What Caitriona loves about Claire – “Her immense capacity for love, empathy, compassion and passion. Playing a woman of this intensity and depth allows me to explore all aspects of emotion and stretch myself continuously.”

We’d add that evolution is a big part of Claire and Caitriona’s performance. It is so rare to play the same character across decades of her life, and there are so many opportunities for growth along with that. The Claire we see now is different from the one Caitriona played in the first two seasons. That same spirit of adventure is there, but with an added sort of maturity and awareness of the world around her.

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What Sam loves about Jamie – “Having a wealth of material in the form of Diana Gabaldon’s books provides a real source of inspiration. That, plus I’m playing an honorable, emotionally intelligent Scotsman from the 1700s really resonated with me because of his love for Scotland, his family and partner. It’s what he fights for. Jamie continues to surprise me each day.”

At the root of Jamie is passion — when he loves something, he loves it intensely. There must be something beautiful about playing that as a performer, given that Sam can explore the advantages and disadvantages of this much passion. It allows him to be a leader, though it may also expose him at times to disappointment and duplicity.

Will these characters be different in season 5?

In terms of their worldview, more than likely. They’re grandparents now and have to think more of what they’re leaving behind. They may still have a sense of adventure and a desire to push themselves out into the world, but they have to be more calculated and guarded. It’s not about being the first people to charge into a room; it’s instead about plotting the right way to take the room over.

Outlander season 5 will likely premiere in 2020. Want more news all about its filming? Then be sure to visit the link here!

Now, what do you appreciate the most about Sam and Caitriona on Outlander? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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