Siren season 2 episode 12 review: Were Ben, Maddie healed from song?

Siren season 2There is a lot going on in Siren season 2, but right now a lot of it revolves around Ryn’s siren song and it’s effects. On the last episode we saw Ryn sing to Maddie and the effects on her are a lot closer to what Decker was going through then what Ben went through. She is acting out in ways that she normally wouldn’t and is having hallucinations. Nicole offered to do testing on the song to see if she can help, but when her boss learns about the song and the effects of it… well he has other plans and none of it is good.

The siren song solution

Maddie is doing really badly so they bring her to Nicole to do a psychological evaluation to help her, but it’s not really working – in fact Maddie walks out on the meeting. Ryn is desperate to help so she goes back to the ocean to grab a healer, but the healer is unable to help them herself – she does know how to make it better. There is a place in the ocean where the sound is kept and it can heal them. The problem is that humans can’t go there because it’s too deep in the water.

Their only shot is to ask Nicole’s boss for their equipment to get them down there and after an agreed upon exchange (information about the entire experience and what they learn about the song) they give Ben and Maddie the way to get down there.

Once they are down there they turn the cameras off so the military can’t see this place – like the military is going to give them the option to turn the cameras off. This was a plot line that was beyond unbelievable, but we are just going to go with it for now. We saw the siren breeding ground (we also learned that sirens aren’t breeding at all right now, so that’s not good) and they finally reached the healing place.

So did it work? It did! it really helped both of them and a lot of the dark spots on their brain have been removed. Luckily they brought back a recording of the sound down there so Nicole and her higher ups weren’t completely mad at them for turning off the cameras. That being said, Nicole isn’t letting them off the hook that easily and puts cameras inside Ben’s house so she can spy on them.

Helen’s search for answers

Helen is trying to figure out what happened to her parents and she learns from the library that there was a fire (arson), and that their death could have been a homicide. She also learns that they were staying at Ben’s family’s cottage when it happened. Helen finds John and learns that John was set to marry her mother in an arranged marriage, but she fell in love with her father (a human) and it was such a betrayal to the group that they had to go into hiding. John says that the group would’ve done anything to protect the secret and that murder isn’t out of their wheel house.

Helen has some other issues too that she doesn’t know about yet) and it has to do with Rick. He has told his sister Beth that full on sirens are in Bristol cove and he told her in hopes to stop her from feeling suspicious about Helen blowing their cover saying that Helen has been in contact with the sirens.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The biggest and best surprise tonight? Levi walking into the bar! We love us some Levi and we’ve been wondering if we were going to get a chance to see him again. So why is he back? He wants to be human and misses being on the surface because on earth he has a choice. We missed you too Levi!

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