The Last Kingdom season 4 behind-the-scenes tease: Uhtred in action

The Last KingdomIt’s been a minute since we’ve discussed The Last Kingdom at CarterMatt — and by a minute, we really mean an eternity. The third season premiered on Netflix last November and since that time we’ve been dying for news on what’s coming up. There will be a season 4, there will be battles, and more than likely the words “Uhtred son of Uhtred” will be said.

Today we come baring some great news and it’s that season 4 is currently in production! If you are an avid social media user, you may have realized already that there are a number of behind-the-scenes photos out there of characters and sequences. One of the latest ones is below, featuring none other than Uhtred-son-of-Uhtred looking rather intense. (Personally, we find the furry boom mic to be added source of comedy.)

In general, one can argue that this photo perfectly orchestrates the difference between The Last Kingdom production and The Last Kingdom airing — especially when it comes to contrast! There’s something so funny about seeing the character amidst a white background, and it makes you imagine that the man could be really anywhere. Maybe this is just an unusual cloud pattern, or maybe there is some green-screen action happening right around the corner. Either way, this image is another friendly reminder that one of the most action-packed series in all TV is on the road to being ready for us to consume … though it’s obviously a long road still with many stops along the way.

Making a show like The Last Kingdom is not easy and there are so many different steps that need to be taken to make a show of this magnitude come to life. First, it’s the cultivation of the world. Then, it’s getting the scenes on camera. Then, it’s actually delivering all the episodes. Since Netflix is going to deliver these all at once, every single episode needs to be perfect prior to release. That’s why it may be 2020 until the latest season comes out — it’d actually be in line with how the first few seasons have come out. To date, the pattern with The Last Kingdom is that one season premieres a good year and a half after the last one. It may just take that long to make all of these episodes  which we are fine with since each season just keeps getting better — it’s a good thing that the show’s fans are of the patient type. Maybe it’ll help more viewers catch up? We’re still gobsmacked that this show doesn’t have more of an army of viewers in the United States. If you love a show like Vikings (and anyone who reads us knows that we think it’s one of the best shows on the planet) and you haven’t seen Last Kingdom we highly recommend that you dive in. Great story, wonderful characters and breathtaking scenery – it’s a beautiful show that’s a lot of fun to watch.

If you missed it…

The Last Kingdom had quite arguably one of the most hilarious renewal announcement videos ever. Check that out below, or read our full renewal article from earlier this year here! We kinda wish that all shows would announce renewals with this sort of ridiculous exchange.

Excited for The Last Kingdom season 4? Have any particular expectations for the dramatic road ahead? Share now in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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