‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Full ‘Lady of the Lake’ sneak peeks

In case you were disappointing by low little of the modern-day fairy tale world was present on last week’s new episode of “Once Upon a Time,” you are going to be in for a rather pleasant surprise this time straight out of the gate: not only will it be back, but it will be making its appearance in full force as Snow White and Emma embark on a new mission.

Before we get to that mission, however, we have to start with a rather hilarious scene that shows us just how much of a divide there really is between this world and the land that Emma comes from. Sleeping Beauty goes after Snow and blames her for what happened to Phillip, and she quickly responds with a reminder that despite what she thinks, she really is in no way responsible for him being put into his own form of permanent sleep. However, the ultimate result of all this is our favorite: Emma confronting both Aurora and Mulan with a gun.

This same gun serves a purpose a little bit later, as well, as Mulan makes a pretty funny crack about it potentially being “magic” as she tries to figure out just how to use it before handing it back to Emma in a later scene. She, Emma, and the woman otherwise known as Mary Margaret are going out to kill ogres, though we don’t really know their reason for doing so just yet.

Another brilliant moment showing us the differences in the worlds comes out of this in Emma somehow being the scourge of society for not knowing that ogres are blind an cannot see fire. We like that Emma is going from being a fish out of water to what basically equates to a fish floating in the sky using this same analogy; she’s not in a world where she understands nothing, and so many other people are completely clueless as to who she is or what she is capable of.

What are you looking forward to the most this week?

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